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Who We Are

Ontario's Premiere Salt Cave & Halotherapy Destination

Halotherapy may improve your mental health, respiratory health, athletic performance and better your immune system, while enjoying pro-aging effects, anti-inflammatory effects and increasing dopamine naturally.

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Highlighted Services


"Merging the wisdom of classical therapy with the innovation of modern technology, we guide our clients to a deeper understanding and harmony of mind, body, and spirit."

"Your peace is our pleasure."

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Cold Plunge

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Holistic Services

What We Do

Our facility offers a natural, sensory experience that will bring you into the present moment where you can just …. LET IT BE. 


Salt Cave

Here you can enjoy deep feelings of serenity and relaxation in our Salt Cave which is infused with the powerfully healing energy of Himalayan Salt and, crystal geodes placed by a Feng Shui expert. 

Cold Plunge 

Improve your overall wellness with our immune system-invigorating Cold plunge tubs. As proven by the most cutting-edge sciences, the cold plunge is excellent for anyone seeking elevated energy levels, stress relief, metabolism-boosting and many more benefits.

Hot Plunge 

Immerse yourself in the soothing embrace of our Hot Plunge, designed to melt away muscle tension, alleviate pain, and usher in a serene state of relaxation. This warm sanctuary offers a tranquil retreat to enhance your sleep quality and provide a comforting respite from the stresses of daily life.

No Touch Massage 

Discover the rejuvenating power of our No Touch Massage experience, featuring state-of-the-art Massage Chairs designed to enhance circulation, offer deep relaxation, and aid in athletic recovery—all without the need for hands-on intervention. Step into a world of serenity where technology meets tranquility, giving you a touch-free path to wellness.

RMT Massage 

Pain or preventative maintenance? Through assessment  enjoy developing a treatment plan based on your needs with our Registered Massage Therapists. Whether it be therapeutic, deep tissue, relaxation or sports massage, we offer many modalities which can be in our Energy room or in our Salt Cave.​

Infrared Sauna or Infrared Sauna with Halotherapy & Chromotherapy

Discover the revitalizing power of our Infrared Sauna, designed to invigorate your lymphatic system, enhance detoxification processes and boost your immune system. Breathe and Detox in the Halo IR to engage all five senses. This therapeutic treatment is your ally in revitalizing your body's natural defenses, leaving you feeling detoxified and renewed.

Vitality Booth Plus

The synergy of Salt Therapy and Red Light therapy can Improve your respiratory health, have pro-aging affects, helps with recovery,  weight loss, inflammation reduction, and improved skin elasticity, boosting immune system, reducing stress, enhances brain function and improves sleep. This patented technology also features a blue light sanitation system and bluetooth audio.

Holistic and Metaphysical

LET IT BE will offer classes, meetings and information sessions on finding ways you can achieve the best possible health by gaining proper balance in your mind, body and spirit. These services will include Meditation, Sound Healing, Kundalini Yoga, Reiki, Intuitive Readings, Evidential Mediumship Readings, Astrology Readings and more.

LET IT BE  is happy to work with your schedule by booking special appointments* outside of regular business hours.  Please call us at (519)766-HALO (4256) to schedule in advance.

*Appointments outside of regular hours may come at an additional cost.

Where to find us

Let It Be Halotherapy & Wellness Centre Inc. is the newest facility in South-Western Ontario, Canada offering a variety of Services involving the newest technology for Halotherapy.

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