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Chinese coins have been a very desirable symbol that attract wealth in Feng Shui. The Chinese coin itself has an interesting design and depiction; because it is round, with a square-shaped hole in the center, it is said to be a representation of earth surrounded by heaven.


It is for this reason that, when utilized by humans, they are an emblem of the harmony of the “Heaven-Earth-Man” or "Tien Di Ren". The coin has two sides; The coin has two sides; The Yang side, which boasts the four Chinese characters of the past successful Chinese emperors, and the Yin side, which features 2 symbols. The coins are often held on red or gold string, according to auspicious Chinese numbers, each having its own meaning: three (the harmony of heaven, earth and humankind), six (symbolism of heaven luck) or nine (the entirety of the universe).


Coins measure 20 mm in diameter 

Chinese Coins - 20 mm

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