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One of my favorite stones!

Selenite is a Fibre gypsum, hydrous calcium suiphate glassy with spar-like lustre, very similar to satin spar

Selenite is named after the Ancient Greek moon god-dess Selene, it is connected to the angelic realm and brings purity, hormony and cleansing to anything that it comes in contact with. Selenite is a fantastic stone for purifiying your environment of negative energies. Psychichly it protects your energetic field by creating a barrier between you and unwanted thought forms. Selenite helps to get you connected to your higher self and gently release any subconscious blockages. Selenite also clears out electromagnetic smog produced by T.V.'s computer screens and other electrical devices.

Keep some near your cards, books or pendulumn to keep them energetically hygienic.

Availability: Common.
Physical benefits: Thought to be useful for blood cell regeneration, vitality. youthfulness, attention deficit disorder/ hyperactivity fertility pregnancy. fluid retention, bloating, PMS, menstrual and menopausal problems, spinal fluid, hormones, gallstone pain.
Emotional Support: Brings about inner peace if you live a lot in your head and constantly fear imagined disasters.
Chakra: Crown and Sacral,
Colours: Colourless or semi-transparent, but glows withluminescence; occasionally peach.

Raw Selenite

SKU: CRY20203085
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