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Amethys is in the quartz family of minerals the purple colour comes from the presence of manganese during its formation in the Earth. Favored by healers and those who are healing alike, Amethyst is a master crystal that is a must have in your collection.

Colours: Pale lilac and lavender to deep purple, also purple and white, there ais a chevron banded Amethyst as well.

Physical benefits: Called the all-healer ofpeople, animals and plants; this is believed to benefit migraines and headaches if you rub the forehead anti-c kwise, having dipped the amethyst in running water.

Emotional Support: Amethystos meant not to be intoxicated in Ancient Greek, it was also worn by ancient Egyptians for the same reason. It is also believed amethyst reduces addiction, obsessive compulsve dsorder,hyperactity in children and animals, called natures tranquillizer.

Additional benefits: Great for seeing things clearly, Amethyst has a calming and relaxing effect on the mind. Gently helping you to understand your own feelings with clarity.

Availability: Common.

Colours: Pale lilac and lavender to deep purple, also purple and white

Chakra Association: Third eye, Crown

Tumbled Amethyst

SKU: CRY20203129
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