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Rose quartz is in the Silicon dioxide family with manganese impurities, sometimes embedded in the fom of tiny needles. It is a stone that is universally associated wit love. The soft pink of the stone is nurturing to the heart and gently restores feelings of security in anyone who wears it or has it within their environment. It is especially wonderful for young Mothers, people seeking love and romance as well as anyone who needs gentle healing of the heart and root chakras.

Colours: Pink, translucent, glowing and semitransparent to clear pale or deeper pink untumbled stones look like ice-like rose colored chunks of quartz.

Physical benefits: Said to help circulation: healing mothers after a complicated birth skin, especially tress-related conditions: headaches fertility. genitals, female reproductive system. healthy flow of fluids.

Emotional Support:  Depression, especialy post-natal depression, forgving mistakes, your own as well as others, the best crystal for overcoming abuse of all kinds.

Chakra assosciation: Heart.

Availability: Common

Tumbled Rose Quartz

SKU: CRY20203123
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