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Ashley Mariani


Ashley Mariani

Ashley Mariani offers a unique blend of therapeutic practices designed to enhance well-being through Elemental Therapy. Specializing in workshops that integrate breathwork and intentional cold exposure, Ashley provides both group and individual sessions tailored to foster mental, emotional, and physical health.

 Ashley is a SHERPA certified cold and breath facilitator with extensive training in breathwork techniques. Her approach is enriched by her profound understanding of the nervous system, bringing a trauma-informed perspective from her clinical background as a registered therapist. 

This expertise allows her to adapt her sessions to the needs of her clients, ensuring a supportive and transformative experience. In her Elemental Therapy sessions, Ashley combines short therapeutic conversations with breathwork and intentional cold exposure, concluding with a focused integration phase. This method is available for both individuals and couples, offering a therapeutic journey that aligns with Let it Be Halo’s commitment to holistic wellness. ---

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