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Ken Feakins

Certified Cold Plunge & Breathwork Coach

Ken Feakins

 Ken is SHERPA Breath & Cold Exposure Guide.

" My hope is that I can guide you into a space of calm confidence through time in the cold and help you

learn to regulate your state with all the tools you have within you, to walk with you while we

learn to tap into your power and inner strength. In addition, I am a personal trainer that works one on one with people as they step past their perceived

limitations and create healthy patterns for themselves.

After being an addiction councilor for 10 years at a Treatment Centre for youth,  a major focus for

me with these young people was to assist them while they challenged their belief systems about

their capacity to achieve.

I am a father of 5 wonderful children and I live with my family here in Guelph.

Connecting physical, mental and spiritual avenues working together as one to produce holistic health. That is my hope for all of us.

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