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Our Salt Cave has nearly 25,000 lbs of Himalayan Salt placed perfectly and with intention. We are the only cave to incorporate crystals and geodes to ensure a high vibing, immersive experience. Sit back and enjoy Halotherapy in our zero gravity chairs or in one of our workshops, classes or restorative yoga sessions. Halotherapy, otherwise known as Dry Salt Therapy, is a process which involves inhaling tiny micro ground salt particles using pharmaceutical grade sodium chloride. During Halotherapy the micro particles of salt you breathe act like little sponges. The salt attracts moisture, helping to thin out and ultimately expel mucous, helping clear airways and relieve symptoms.


  • May Increase Blood and Oxygen

  • Could reduce inflammation in the respiratory system

  • May enhance sleep

  • Shown to Improve Athletic Performance.

  • Known to clean the respiratory tract and minimizes symptoms

  • May  enhance respiratory function and breathe easier

  • Could strengthen the immune system by clearing toxins and viruses from the lungs and nasal tracts

  • Can Improve the quality of life, reduce stress and enhance overall well-being.

  • May relieve Smokers Cough

  • May relieve Asthma, COPD, Long Covid, Chronic Bronchitis, Emphysema, Pneumonia

  • Shown to reduce symptoms of hayfever, ear infections, cough, cold, flu, itchy or sore throat.

  • Could Improve skin conditions like eczema, psoriasis, dermatitis, acne, rashes, rosacea


  • Individuals with chronic respiratory issues, open wounds, contagious diseases, fever, cancer, severe hypertension, mental disorders, active tuberculosis, cardiac disease, acute respiratory disease, chronic obstructive lung disease and those undergoing chemotherapy should not participate in Halotherapy.

  • May experience mild cough or runny nose temporarily, as these are a natural response

  • Individuals with hypersensitive skin may experience redness and itching.

  • Not to be a replacement for medication or any medical treatment of any kind.

  • Only your personal physician or other health professional can best advise you on matters of your health

  • The use of Salt Therapy is not intended to substitute for medical care or treatment. Always seek medical advice from a Physician

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